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20th August 2022 
About Psychotherapy. contemplative pathways

About Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy provides a place and time to reflect and disentangle patterns of behaviour and relating that may be preventing you from moving forward and living a more satisfying and fulfilling life. Psychotherapy has a long tradition and evidence base.

Sometimes feelings are troubling and uncomfortable; others may be more severe and immobilising. You may be experiencing difficulties that have emerged now or something that has been enduring over a long period of time. Whatever issues are brought to therapy will be considered with you by the psychotherapist in an empathic, non-judgemental way.

A key component is to build a trusting relationship with the psychotherapist who has undergone a long and intensive training to listen for patterns and themes; to be highly attuned and to make links. Together we explore and gain insights and understandings.

Benefits of Therapy:

Therapy can help you arrive at insights which may effect shifts and changes in patterns of behaviour, thoughts and relationships. It provides a time and space to be listened to sensitively and non-judgementally by a highly trained professional who is bound by a strict code of ethics of the psychotherapy registering body.

"...the evidence indicates that the benefits of psychodynamic treatment are lasting and not just transitory and appear to extend well beyond symptom remission. For many people, psychodynamic therapy may foster inner resources and capacities that allow richer, freer, and more fulfilling lives."

Dr. Jonathan Shedler, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of Colorado School of Medicine(2010).

My consulting room is situated in Mill Hill.

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